What is Counselling?

Counselling is a form of talking therapy.   The counselling offered at Just this! Therapy is grounded in mindfulness, humanistic and trauma-informed. Other therapeutic approaches may also be integrated into the therapeutic framework should they be deemed to be beneficial to you. 

Before any counselling work begins, we start with an initial assessment session,  which is basically a chance to go over what you require and see if your needs can be met by Just this! Therapy. Should it be found that a referral is needed, then you will be guided toward a therapy and therapist that would better suit your needs. 

Much of the research suggests that the relationship between client and therapist are vital in terms of predicting a positive therapeutic outcome.  The initial assessment is a good time for you to gauge whether you feel comfortable with your therapist.  Please be aware that it is not rude or offensive to shop around until you find a counsellor that fits, it is, after all,  your money, time and mind. And from a person-centered perspective, only you know where you are best placed. 

While counselling is about feeling heard and understood.  The real growth comes when you begin to hear yourself, and start trusting yourself and your deepest nature.

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Who may Online Counselling be unsuitable for?

Online Counselling is unsuitable for clients in psychological crisis, those who are experiencing suicidal ideation/intention & clients with severe psychiatric conditions.


Online Therapy

Questions & Answers

How do I access online therapy?

You will require a reliable & steady internet connection. An indicator of a decent speed is that you are able to stream TV shows, or stream movies.  You can also run a speed check.  Get in touch if you are uncertain about your connection etc.  and more information can be provided.

What devices can I use?

If you require video conferencing, you will need a smart-phone, tablet, lap-top or desk-top with a good camera.  If you need further help locating your camera, please get in touch via e-mail and more information can be provided.

What about E-mail?


Most commonly used e-mail addresses are not encrypted, which means that what you type can fall into the wrong hands.  A list of encrypted e-mail providers will be sent to you before any work commences, so that you can correspond securely - especially if e-mail counselling is your preferred choice.

Video Conferencing


Video conferencing involves the use of technology, so people can connect in live-time wherever they are. Not all video conferencing sites are secure. Just this! Therapy uses a secure teletherapy platform, designed for online therapy or Zoom - depending on your preference.  Any questions please reach out.


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